I long for you a little less everyday 

I need you a little less everyday 

I think about you a little less everyday 

I want you a little less everyday 

I now think of me more everyday 

I now better myself a little more everyday 

You were my sun until I saw the stars 


Wine and dine 

Sometimes a little Rosè goes a long way.

A catch up with one of my best friends was needed after an emotional and draining few weeks. 

A little wine, pizza and good conversation always fixes everything.  

We often grow up to fast and it takes moments like this to remember we need to slow down. 

Just the other day we were children driving our parents crazy and now we are adults working and driving ourselves crazy. 


I didn’t search for you. I didn’t need you. 

You found me and I realized I wanted you to stay. You stayed and someone stepped in. You didn’t like that so you left. 

You didn’t fight, you said nothing. Almost as if I meant nothing. 

I chased and you ran. You came back but stayed silent. 

You are confusing and I don’t understand it. 

I have realized I don’t need you to stay. I need my life to go back to where it was. 

You built my confidence and allowed me to see my strength. 

I thank you but I don’t need you anymore. 


The other day my cousin turned 40. This meaning our family had to get together and celebrate such a milestone. 

We went to a restaurant called Grassroof (it has a literal grassroof) for breakfast. 

I decided to go for Flapjacks with homemade granola, fruit and yoghurt. I must say that it was so nice to eat fresh fruit again. Unfortunately the bacon and flapjacks let me down a bit, but all in all it was a good day!