A four letter word. 

What does it mean?

How does it feel?

Do you search for it? Or does it find you?

How do you know when you have it? 

Or does it tell you? 



I didn’t search for you. I didn’t need you. 

You found me and I realized I wanted you to stay. You stayed and someone stepped in. You didn’t like that so you left. 

You didn’t fight, you said nothing. Almost as if I meant nothing. 

I chased and you ran. You came back but stayed silent. 

You are confusing and I don’t understand it. 

I have realized I don’t need you to stay. I need my life to go back to where it was. 

You built my confidence and allowed me to see my strength. 

I thank you but I don’t need you anymore. 


The other day my cousin turned 40. This meaning our family had to get together and celebrate such a milestone. 

We went to a restaurant called Grassroof (it has a literal grassroof) for breakfast. 

I decided to go for Flapjacks with homemade granola, fruit and yoghurt. I must say that it was so nice to eat fresh fruit again. Unfortunately the bacon and flapjacks let me down a bit, but all in all it was a good day! 

Life Lessons

Lately I have been M.I.A. I do admit but some changes have taken place in my life and I have lost track of everything.

I am now a first year student, what I am implying by saying this is that I have been studying constantly.

When you are a culinary student something that can not be skipped is knife skill lessons, and this is what my featured image is show casing. I definitely have a long way to go but starting the journey is all that matters at this moment.

Stay tuned for some more pictures in the future, I promise they will be amazing!!


The tree tops.

There was a trend that was going around called an insta meet last year. I think “trend” is the wrong word to use and it might still be happening.

An insta meet is when a whole group of people gather at a certain location to take pictures. Although photography is just something I dabble in from time to time, my brother and I decided to go.

Upon arrival we were assigned with a task to take pictures incorporating a pair of glasses. Naturally, I decided to take a picture of the glasses in a tree.

This was a cool experience but maybe I should up my photography game.